Marefa Digital expands offering through partnership with GO1

Human Capital Development Meets On-Demand Training

We craft unique digital eLearning experiences for Khaleeji corporate training and development. With our extensive background in Human Capital Development in the region, we bring your organization innovative solutions that are actionable and implementable in a practical sense.

Studio-Grade Quality

An engaging eLearning experience with Professional Khaleeji Actors, and GCC relevant workplace experiences covering a multitude of topics and themes.


Arabic and Khaleeji first

An ever-expansive library of regionally relevant eLearning modules that relate to the GCC workplace, covering a wide range of topics and themes presented through a dynamic HD streaming experience.

Turnkey eLearning Content

SCORM or xAPI compliant eLearning modules that offer a plug and play experience to existing LMS solutions without disrupting your training calendar.

An agile LMS solution

A flexible LMS solution that’s customizable, managed, and easy to use offering detailed reports, learner tracks, and much more.

Bespoke eLearning

Our instructional designers and user experience professionals can help you design and develop a dynamic eLearning experience and competency-driven learning paths and courses tailored to your specific needs in Arabic.

Interactive Content

Our videographers, animators, and graphic designers work closely with our human capital professionals to bring you an animated, gamified and interactive eLearning experience unique to the region.

Localised Experience

We pride ourselves on being from the GCC, all our content from write-up to production is done in-house and is backed by 40 + years of GCC specific work experience.

A unique eLearning library in the Arabic language and Khaleeji dialect

Marefa Digital PRO offers it’s subscribers access to an expansive library of Arabic / Khaleeji eLearning content covering a wide array of competencies and themes, our current main areas of focus cover themes such as Business and Management, Leadership Skills, Performance Management, Change Management, Women Empowerment, Problem Solving, among many others.

Relatable eLearning scenarios that resonate with your learners

Through our team’s extensive human capital consulting experience, and our expert insight into workplace challenges in the gcc, our content creators are equipped with the perspective and experience that can only come from years of working in the GCC, that makes our eLearning scenarios mimic real workplace environments and relate to GCC professionals and teams on a fundamental level.


At Marefa Digital, we understand the importance of having industry compliant eLearning content that provides trackable results and an actionable outcome, that’s why we provide SCORM and xAPI compliant eLearning modules that work out of the box in all popular LMS solutions.

Dynamic LMS

We’ve worked closely with leading LMS solutions to deliver our content in the most dynamic way possible, featuring extensive customizable reporting, HD video playback, Secure SSL cloud hosting and agile customization, This makes Marefa Digital PRO the perfect fit for your training and development needs.


With learner retention as a core pillar in modern day eLearning, we follow industry best practices and standards to bring you Microlearning modules that are both comprehensive and informative, inclusive of interactive assessments and progress tracking features that complete the optimal digital learning cycle.

CREO CQAS certified

Marefa Digital PRO is proud to be CREO CQAS certified. CQAS applies to on-line as well as face to face learning, this ensures that we are adept at working with Technology Enabled Learning (TEL), Learning Management Systems (LMS) and digital eLearning and assessment of any kind.

Latest from the Blog and Team

The team at Marefa Digital is happy to announce our knowledge sharing initiative “Marefa Monthly”, a series of blog posts and events focusing on the eLearning industry and trends in technology, content, and GCC training and development, follow our blog and LinkedIn Page for more.

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