1 min of video is worth

1.8 Million Words

Guided by eLearning and Human Capital development professionals, our content developers work collaboratively to bring your team the best possible localized eLearning experience in both Video and Audio.

Scenario based Enactments
complete with lights camera and action, our production team converts your vision into an eLearning scenario guided by our instructional designers and script writers.
2D animation
from motion graphics to infographics, instructional design with a modern twist built from the ground up using industry best-practices and tools.
Interview with experts
Subject matter experts at your fingertips in an engaging high quality video that enriches the viewers knowledge while remaining entertaining.
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Tailored Bespoke Content

We support organizations in digitizing their training materials. We specialize in developing eLearning content by our in-house content development team.

Our videographers, animators, and graphic designers work closely with our instructional designers to bring you an animated, interactive eLearning experience.

Our expertise also includes script writing, actors casting, and production of enactments that support your eLearning courses, offered in both Arabic and English.

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our content developers focus on providing you with a unique and customized eLearning experience to help increase learner retention and maintain course interactivity.

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Our Vision is to change the digital learning experience making it more socially engaging.



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