Get to Know Marefa Learn

Marefa Learn is an Arabic first leading eLearning experience used by thousands of users from various corporate backgrounds in the MENA region

Custom Branding

Our team customizes the UI based on your Brand Guidelines, to provide your learners with a unified corporate experience.

Integrated Reporting

Marefa Learn tracks and measures learner progress, provides indepth analytics, and gives you actionable metrics at every step.

Private and Secure

Marefa Learn can be deployed on private cloud servers or local on-premise servers for maximum security and privacy.

Easy to Use

Marefa Learn has an intuitive UI and an optmized User experience that makes your eLearning journey memorable and easy.

Dynamically Scalable

Marefa Learn dynamically scales based on your needs, which ensures zero downtime and a smooth experience 24/7.

On-Going Support

Our dedicated team are always ready to provide you and your learners with support should you need it.

Metrics That Matter

Marefa Learn has an integrated analytics platform that is customized based on your organization's learning needs, this provides you with indepth data into your learner behaiviour, progress tracking, and much more!

Human Capital Consulting

We help you tap into the best possible interpretations and solutions to ever changing people issues by drawing up and executing practical, collaborative and efficient Human Capital programs.

Experience Marefa Learn

Our videographers, animators, and graphic designers work closely with our instructional designers to bring you an animated, interactive eLearning experience in Arabic unique to the region. all our content from write-up to production is done in-house and is backed by 40 + years of GCC specific work experience. Which helps us provide a unique library of Arabic eLearning content exclusive on Marefa Digital's eLearning platform.

Get to Know The Marefa Method

Explore a true cinematic eLearning expreirence supported by modern Arabic Animations, localized voice over and scenarios that reflect workplace challenges in the MENA region.

Marefa Digital also offers bespoke content services of various animation and production levels, contact us to learn more!

Get to know the Marefa Content Experience

Built by our content specialists, with an Arabic first approach as part of Marefa Learn, Our proprietary eLibrary offers an expansive diverse selection of critical competencies and fresh themes, click below to view our sample!

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